Natalie Gervais- Sports Star of the Week!

CTV Winnipeg has given colleges even more reason to look at Natalie Gervais then ever before. She is still reaching for her dream to compete collegiality.  She was recently profiled on the “Star of Week” segment which you can watch HERE.

Natalie has gone above and beyond to prove herself as a consistent gymnast, and I wish her the best of the luck at the Canadian Championships!


Rick from has given us a partial list of NCAA coaches who will be in Regina from May 21st-26th looking at prospects for their respective schools. Some of those coaches are the following…

Jeff Thompson Penn State
Scott Sherman Michigan
Bill Ryden Arizona
D-D Breaux LSU
Kathie Klages MSU
Larissa Libby Iowa
Elise Ray Washington
Dawn Cattermole BYU
Chris Waller UCLA
Greg Marsden Utah
Dan Kendig Nebraska

Written By,

Sara Gill



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