Natalie Finishes Strong at Nationals

Photo Credit: Claudine Gervais

The 2012 Canadian Nationals has come to an end this past weekend, and with it came some great highlights of Natalie Gervais.

Consistency is her calling card, and her elegant lines and big gymnastics put an exclamation point on her routines. Natalie Gervais hit 8 for 8 this weekend and adding a National Beam Bronze Medal to her accomplishments.

2 days of competition, 2 days of adrenaline and nerves, 2 days that Natalie proved her gymnastics to the world! In the individual all around competition Natalie placed 5th in the all around with a 52.625 nearly identical from the 1st day of competition where she scored a 52.65.

Here are some highlights from Natalie’s experience at the 2012 Canadian National Championships…


On vault Natalie stuck a high-straight body layout yurchenko which scored a 13.35. Here is the video of that vault…

Natalie scored a 12.4 on the uneven bars with an easy flowing routine, hitting all of her handstand’s. She does a phenomenal job keeping form with a tall frame and the FIG bar setting. Here is her bar routine from the individual competition …

The 4 inch “make it-or-break-it event usually has a gymnast shaking when its her turn. Natalie performs it as if she is performing on the floor. Each routine I watch gets better and it always a treat to watch. She shows how comfortable she is on this event at each meet.  Here is her near-flawless beam routine from this weekend…

Natalie ended the weekend with an outstanding floor routine. Her double back was high enough to land completely upright and stuck! She once again shows more than 180 degree split in her leaps. Here is her 13.1 floor routine from this weekend…

Natalie Gervais finished the season jumping 4 points in the all around from the beginning of the season. She upgraded every routine this year and didn’t falter when putting new elements in her routines. In her bar routine alone she added a Tkatchev, toe shoot to handstand, and stalder release to high bar release. She stuck beam routine after beam routine and hit a season high of 13.95!

Natalie Gervais is available for the 2012-2013 or 2013-2014 competitive season for collegiate gymnastics. She has her heart set on competing for a University in the states. If her consistency doesn’t capture your attention, take a look at her individual videos on her You Tube channel.

Natalie trains at Springer Gymnastics under Peter Grozdanovic and Rachelle Valel. All of her information is located on her website you can find HERE.

Written by,

Sara Gill

If you have any other questions about Natalie Gervais please contact me at


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