Natalie Gervais…

Several words come to mind when I watch Natalie Gervais do gymnastics. Consistency is the first, combined with grace and elegance. This gymnast has risen above and beyond expectations this past year ending her season at the National Canadian Gymnastics Competition.

Rick McCharles wrote on his website, “She could start for most NCAA teams instantly.”

Take a look at this beautiful and solid beam routine from this years Nationals…

2012 Accomplishments

2012 High Scores:Vault: 13.5        Bars: 13.25    Beam: 13.95    Floor: 13.3    All Around: 52.65Snow Flake Invitational (National Stream)

Vault: 13.5 (2nd)    Bars: 13.25 (1st)    Beam: 12.7 (1st)    Floor: 12.7 (1st)    All Around: 50.58 (1st)

Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Festival

Vault: 13.2 (3rd)    Bars: 11.5 (1st)    Beam: 12.65 (1st)    Floor: 12.9 (1st)    All Around: 50.3 (1st)

2012 Manitoba Open Championships

Vault: 13.3 (4th)    Bars: 10.9 (6th)    Beam: 13.95 (1st)    Floor: 13.14 (2nd)    All Around: 51.29 (2nd)    *Named to Maitoba Team

2012 Canadian Westerns

All Around:

Vault: 13.2 (6th)    Bars: 12.8 (2nd)    Beam: 13.2 (3rd)    Floor: 13.3 (7th)    All Around: 52.5 (2nd)

Event Finals…

Vault: 13.1 (7th)    Bars 13.05 (3rd)    Beam: 12.5 (2nd)    Floor: 13.15 (7th)    

2012 Canadian Nationals

Day 1: All Around and Team Qualifier

Vault: 13.3 (9th)    Bars: 12.65 (4th)    Beam:13.725 (3rd)    Floor: 12.975     All Around: 52.65 (4th)

Day 2: Individual/Event Final Results

Vault: 13.35    Bars:12.4    Beam: 13.725 (Bronze Medal)    Floor:13.1    All Around: 52.625 (5th)



One thought on “Natalie Gervais…

  1. Hi,

    I just completed a tribute video to Nadia Comaneci that you and your readers might enjoy. It is a nostalgic tribute to that moment of her perfect ten – something timely for this Olympic season. Feel free to share with friends and fans alike.

    Thank you and hope you enjoy!

    Danny Kadoori Productions

    English version:

    in Spanish:

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