Natalie Gervais Hard at Work…

The Olympics have past and gymnasts are now starting their first week of classes at most Universities. The countdown to NCAA gymnastics is already on my mind. Who will stand out this year and who will make it to the super six?! The college season is by far my favorite competition season. While some gymnasts are already signed and beginning to train with their new teams, others are still working hard to attain one of those covenant scholarship positions.

Natalie Gervais has graduated and is back in the gym as one of those gymnast. Nothing can stop this gymnast she has a goal to compete for NCAA and is continuing her gymnastics in hopes to reach that goal. Here are two clips of the upgrades she working on for the up coming season.

She is working on her double back off of beam, which she already is flawless on.

Here is her back 2 1/2 to add her already difficult floor routine…

To learn more about Natalie Take a look at her YouTube site and then check out her Website.

Natalie is currently available for recruiting.


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