Going Elite in Massilia


November 17th and 18th Natalies Gervais and Sydney McEachern joined Sabrina Gill to compete as part Canada’s elite gymnasts at the 2012 Massilia Cup.

Natalie Gervais qualified Elite this year and will be competing in large meets across the country. I am looking forward to seeing her compete against some big names, especially on the balance beam, where she can easily call home. Natalie is available for recruiting and you can check out her website here.

Natalie placed 9th on beam with a 12.75! She is known for her consistency on this event, and did not disappoint when the pressure of her first elite meet came up. She also contributed to the Springers/Future Canada’s team 10th place finish in the competition. She scored a 13.050 on Vault, a 8.95 on bars, a 11.45 on floor and took 33rd place out of 56 gymnasts in the all around with a 46.2.

Sydney McEachern who has already committed to Eastern Michigan also competed at this meet. She placed 12th on vault with 13.4 and 11th on floor with a 12.55. Her other scores included a 10.55 on bars, 9.95 on beam, and an all around score of 46.45 placing her 29th. She dominated vault and floor like usual, as a power house should!

Written by,

Sara Gill



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