Minneapolis Regional Championship


I was at the Minneapolis Regional Championship this past weekend.  The teams participating were: Minnesota, Florida, BYU, Ohio State, Denver, Missouri. I was prepared for Florida to wow the crowd with huge scores. What we got were less than grand scores from any of the teams.  Any one of the top four teams could have come out on top. Each of these teams gave away points through bobbles on beam and extra steps on floor and very few sticks.  It was fun watching the Missouri fans cheering as their team came up with scores that put them in 3rd place.


Florida  196.725

Minnesota  196.175

Missouri  195.850

Denver  195.700

Ohio  194.775

BYU  194.075

Going into this meet, had  Florida was the only team that qualified for the 2015 NCAA Championships.   The team’s rankings prior to this meet were: Florida in 2nd, Denver was 11th, and Minnesota was 16th.  I was waiting for a “coming down to the last routine” finish between Minnesota and Denver.  However, both teams had to count falls, and deal with low scores.

Now, the scoring at this meet was lack-luster at best.  The highest all around was a 39.375, only one gymnast scored a 9.90 on floor, and not one gymnast scored above a 9.875 on bars.  Do I think the teams could have been better…yes.  However, the judges were coming up with different start values, and the range of scores among the four judges were at times more than four tenths apart.  I ask myself, if this was low scoring, normal scoring that was not inflated, or judging that was just too harsh or inconsistent?  You can decide for yourself by watching a few of the videos from the meet.

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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