2012 Olympic Team…

My team has been the same for 2 months. The team will consist of Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Lauren Hernandez, and Madison Kocian.  The alternates should be Maggie Nichols, Regan Smith, and Ashton Locklear. I do think that Makayla Skinner could surprise us though!

One hour until we know who is on the 2016 Olympic team.  I feel like this process has been going on my entire life.  The sleepless nights, the twitter fights, the “I know what’s best moments” will be done and the team of 3 girls in the entire universe will be picked. As long as Aly Raisman makes the team I can sleep tonight.

Aly Raisman and Mihai need their own reality show starting now.  Every time she does a routine I wait for her to cry.  It will happen on floor and that’s next.  I have my Kleenex ready to cry with her.  What a great weekend for her.  I feel in terms of getting back into shape she wins!  She has a few weeks to figure out her amanar and straighten it out. Beam connections were solid, and if she can get her legs together on bars she should get that chance to be in the all around.

NBC should have saved some money and let Lifetime film the “Douglas Family Gold”. The entire meet was about Gabby except for a few routines where other gymnasts were shown. That may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but you all saw it…come on now. Is she going, is she not, which coach will be on the floor, did she fall on beam…again. She has not performed in the last two meets. I wish we were back in 1996 and the ones who are ready now are the ones who make the team.  I wonder if all of sponsors and her huge following makes Steve Penny want to take her-fans=viewers=more money. Ugh the ugly side of gymnastics. Carly Patterson fell in the Trials on both nights we have been reminded of this all weekend. She did fall and she did not do a great job for the TEAM in the Olympics. The ones who are “supposed to go” don’t always live up to their potential… Cough cough Jordyn Weiber.

Makayla Skinner, Brenna Dowell, and Amelia Hundley may not be going to the Olympics, but they were able to finish their routines with pride! They went all out and finished the season so well.  It might have been a little late but they were spectacular to watch.

Makayla Skinner has looked better than she has ever! She could get a medal on vault, she could place on floor, but is she too late? She needed to fix her leaps and execution, and I definitely think she did that this weekend. She has a world medal is she going to add the Olympic one next?

I’m so happy to see Simone struggle a little bit in these trials. She has been so perfect for so long, she is getting all the “jitters” and “wobbles” out now so she can go all out in Rio. Her vault, wow! One tenth on the hop and she would have been as perfect as you can get using this code. You just can’t say it enough, that she really is the best in the world right now. The gold medal is hers to win in Rio.  She will surely become the most decorated gymnast in history!

Madison Kocian, what can you even say! World champion and if you are going to hit your highest score tonight was definitely the one to get it on. She got her spot at Worlds but she solidified it tonight… until she fell on her beam routine. Ashton Locklear fell the first night; Madison gets a better score on night 2. I am so glad I didn’t have to make the decision.

Ashton is the consistent one when it comes down to scores on the uneven bars, but she is not the World Champion. I think the lack of high pressure meets will keep her off the team. One fall on beam on night one but comes back to stick it on night two. Is Ashton going to make the team?

Lauren Hernandez had an incredible first night so far she has been a little rocky tonight. Will she be the break out senior or the dreaded “Vanessa Atler” of 2016? She missed a release on bars and stepped out of bounds on the floor. Scored well on the vault she just needs to stay on the beam. She does! Nails it and does the routine of her life! 15.7 she might as well put the gold medal around her neck for the event finals in Rio.

Maggie Nichols is on the cusp. I feel like three months ago she would have been the number 2 spot on the team. Tonight I am wondering if she will be an alternate. I want her to make it- I am also from Minnesota. Her scores have been pretty low except on night ones floor routine. She had a fall on beam but tonight is ending on the event and finishes her trials with a stuck routine! If she went we would get awesome snaps from her and Simone!

Regan Smith just did not have the experience for these Olympic games. I would put her in the same category as Sarah Finnigan. I have no doubt that she will go as an alternate. She did have one of the best moments in trials! Being called over from Bela himself to get a hug would make just about anyone faint! Good job Kim, try not to injure this one and she could be on the top of podium come 2020.

These trials did not disappoint They are walking into the room! We will know the team in a moment! Here it is…

The 2016 Olympic Team…

Simone Biles, Aly Raisman, Lauren Hernandez, Gabby Douglas, and Madison Kocian!

The alternates are… Makayla Skinner, Regan Smith, and Ashton Locklear!!

Now I try to breath as we wait for August 8th!

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