Top 5 Floor Routines in Rio


The floor exercise in women’s gymnastics has become increasing difficult in the past few years.  It was known as the apparatus the women could show off their own personality.  It has now become which gymnast can do the most tumbling passes at the highest degree of difficulty.  Because of how hard this event has become,  we see only a few gymnasts score above 15.00.  Lets take a look at my top five possible gymnasts who could qualify for this event final.

  1. Simone Biles from the United States

Simone Biles has blown everyone out of the water on the floor exercise.  With a difficulty score of 6.9 she has been called “best in the world” for the skills she can compete.  She has won the floor gold medal in 2013, 2014, and 2015 world championships.  In 2015, she won the title with a 15.800!  She starts with a huge full twisting double layout, often having too much power and hopping backwards.  She has been compared to the men when it comes to her power.  I am predicting that Simone Biles will be the 2016 Olympic Champion on the floor exercise.

2. Aly Raisman from The United States

The reigning 2012 gold medalist on the floor, Aly Raisman is second on my list.   Her first tumbling pass is jammed packed with difficulty.  She does a round off 1 1/2 twisting layout to a double Arabian to a punch front lay out.  In London, she became the first American to win a gold medal on this event with a 15.600.  This year she had a difficulty score of a 6.6 at the P&G’s giving her the score of 15.700. At the Olympic trials she earned a 15.400 on the first night. It would be great to see a repeat of the gold!

3. Giulia Steingruber from Switzerland

Giulia qualified into the floor final at the 2015 World Championships with a 14.500.  She was unable to compete due to an injury sustained on vault.  She came back this year and scored a 15.200 at the European Championship event finals in Bern.  She started with a difficulty score of 5.900 at the Swiss Championship, but has put up a 6.4 difficulty score this year.  She is known for her dynamic tumbling.  She competed in the 2012 Olympics, but failed to make the event final.  Since she has put up the third highest floor score in 2016 I am excited to see what she does in Rio.

4. Shang Chunsong from China

Shang tied for fourth place at the World Championships last year. This year she is competing a routine that has the difficulty score of a 6.6  With the right execution score she could find herself on the medal podium.  This year at the Chinese Championship she earned a 15.100 in the event final.  Chinese gymnasts have been known for their quick twisting and Shang doesn’t disappoint.  She can make a triple twist look simple and easily rebounds in to a front tuck after it.  I do find it unfair that although she shows more than a 180 degree split she doesn’t get a higher execution score.  She is a smaller gymnast and doesn’t get the same height like Simone can get. This, unfortunately, puts her at a disadvantage.  I hope to see this one receive a great score in Rio.

5. Claudia Fragapane from Great Britain

Claudia Fragapane had the difficulty score of 6.5 at the 2016 European Championships.  She received a score of 15.000 in the team qualifying competition. She earned a 14.450 at this years English Championships.  She competes a full twisting double layout in her first pass and does a double piked Arabian for her second.  She finishes with a huge double layout into wolf jump.   Claudia is another gymnast, like Shang, who is very short. This can cause the execution score to go down when looking for height in the tumbling passes. Great Britain has been slowly coming up the ranks.  This could be the year for a medal on the floor.

I only shared the top 5 gymnasts who I think we could be seeing in the event finals for the floor.  Who do I think could round out the final?

There are a few gymnasts, and we could be surprised.  Sae Miyakawa  tied for fourth place at last years World Championships.  She started with a difficulty score of 6.3 and finished with a 14.993.  She competes a double twisting front layout into a front double tuck in her first pass.  She is the only female gymnast in the world competing it.  Angelina Melnikova from Russia has put up a 15.200 at the Russian Championships.  Her difficulty score of 6.4 gave her the highest score she has ever put up.  She may lack in experience as a fist year senior, but she has the difficulty and execution to medal.  I cannot talk about the floor with out puting Catalina Ponor on the list.  Although we haven’t seen much from her she is a performer when it counts.  She has an Olympic gold on this event, and she recently put up a video of a full twisting double layout. She won the Romanian nationals on this event with a 14.566

Will Simone make this her fourth year to win gold in the biggest international competition?  Will adrenaline push the gymnasts out of bounds?  Will Aly win back to back medals?  Will Great Britain put up a medal worthy routine?

Remember when it comes to the Olympics the right routine on the right night will win.

Who are you looking forward to watching on floor?



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