What I do…


Gymnastics has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  I competed as a child and continued through high school.  Now I am fortunate enough to continue in the sport as a coach.   I hope to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience to gymnasts through my website.  Through this website I hope to make this process less stressful and more informative for gymnasts and parents.

My goal is to create individual websites for the gymnast that will showcase her individual strengths and future potential.  It would give the college coaches access to the gymnast’s updated skills and keeps the gymnast and coaches in contact with one another.

College recruiters are now looking at gymnasts as early as 9th grade.  In most cases, a gymnast will be recruited between her Junior and Senior years.  The recruiters are scouting gymnasts who standout and are consistent at each meet. Gymnasts should be working towards competing USA Level 9 skills.  The main goal for the gymnast is to make it to Westerns/Easterns or Nationals.  Many college coaches or recruiters attend these high level meets.  It is important for the gymnast to begin recording skills and competitions.

The gymnast and training coach should be concentrating on proper skill selection so the gymnast can achieve a start value of 10.0 for each event.  It is also important for the gymnast and coach to stay informed on the current NCAA Code of Points.

What I do is the following…

1. Discuss various options for your gymnast and evaluate the potential for scholarship opportunities. This includes athletic and academic options. I also explain the steps involved in the process and will give you step by step instructions in how to create a timeline for your gymnasts best opportunity.

2. Set up a website and preview your gymnast on my website.

3. Email and network with college coaches and recruiters to try to get your gymnast noticed.

4. Update your gymnast websites and archive results for each school.

5. I will continue to work with you and your gymnast through the entire process.

If you would like me to help you set up your website please feel free to contact me with questions.

Thank you,

Sara Gill

If you have any questions please contact me at SG.GYM.RECRUITMENT@gmail.com





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