What I do…


GymDynasty is designed as a college gymnastics recruiting tool.  Through this website I hope to assist the gymnast in pursuing a college scholarship.  My goal is to help make this process less stressful and more informative for gymnasts and parents.

I begin by creating a timeline when the gymnast contacts us until the signing period. I breakdown what the gymnast will need to accomplish in practice, at competition, as well as academically keeping up with NCAA standards. Step by step instructions help make this process easier to understand for the gymnast and the parent(s).

I create individual websites that will showcase the gymnast’s skills and accomplishments, and future potential.  This will be used as a marketing tool for college recruiters.
GymDynasty will guide the gymnast through the NCAA rules and regulations. This is often the toughest part of the process.  I break this step down by staying current with the NCAA code of points and recruiting rules.
I keep each website current and accessible to recruiters. I update them with accomplishments as well as new skills.  I know that colleges are constantly receiving emails daily, so it is my job to make sure the website keeps the coaches informed and interested in the gymnast.
To get started with the recruitment process please contact Sara at sg.gym.recruitment@gmail.com
Hope to hear from you soon!





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