Brittany Hadj Romdhane, better learn the name!

A fourth year level 10 gymnast, Brittany Hadj Romdhane has that college scholarship on her mind. Like most committed gymnasts she spends her days in the gym, and is constantly training new upgrades. She trains in Oakdale, Minnesota under the direction of Pavel and Elena Miligoulo at Rising Stars Gymnastics Academy. Brittany will be entering her senior year… More Brittany Hadj Romdhane, better learn the name!

Way to Go Natalie!

  Rick McCharles could not have said it any better… “One of the most overlooked available Canadian gymnasts.” has just committed to Eastern Michigan University and will joining the team next fall.” I have been flowing Natalie Gervais since March of 2011. She is consistent, talented, artistic, and beautiful athlete to watch. I had no doubt in… More Way to Go Natalie!

More Videos!!!!!

More videos are being uploaded on to YOUTUBE to give us a sneak peek of what to expect this coming collegiate season. Here are a few more!!!! BGSU… Alabama’s Photo Shoot (check out the NCAA ring!)… Iowa Gymhawks… Arizona Gymcats Seniors… Whose new at SUU… SWG Team Retreat… UTAH… CHeck out their facebook page for tons… More More Videos!!!!!

NCAA 2012-2013

New school year, new freshman, and my favorite season… NCAA gymnastics! I am already getting excited just watching the promotional videos that have already been put up. Some are hilarious, some are just of practice, and some are talking about the upcoming season. Here is a sneak peek of a few of those… Alabama… Utah…… More NCAA 2012-2013